Our Story

Established in 1800, Societe Kamel Bekdache (SKB) is the oldest company in Lebanon – (InfoPro, July 2005). The oldest document found that pertains to the family business dates back to 1894 dealing in paper trade since.

In 2012, SKB expanded its operations and entered the international notebook business under the name Dingbats*.  It is an eco-friendly brand of notebooks aimed to provide high quality notebooks to customers worldwide.

In 2014, SKB expanded its local operations and started distributing wide format inkjet printing materials along with accessories through its sister company called Bekdache Printing Media and Supplies (BPMS). Today, BPMS has four major departments: office products and photocopy paper, inkjet and wide format printing materials, traditional fine arts, and exclusive stationery and wedding cards. The aim of the first department is to provide a wide range of paper products that would service the needs of the end user. We are partnered with several brands such as Double A, Voyager, and Mondi. The second department’s overall aim is to provide the printer with a product range that can meet their daily needs and adding value in terms of quality and innovation. We are partnered with Hexis Graphics, Kohlschein, Hahnemuhle and Voyager. The third department is aimed to provide the highest quality of materials to the artist. We are currently partnered with Hahnemuhle, Sennelier, Raphael, Mabef, and Classens. The fourth department’s aim is to provide the best quality paper available. We are currently partnered with Amalfi and Zanders.